My papercut illustrations are made using multiple layers of coloured paper to create a textured 3D surface. Working from a photo, I create a digital design, then the finished artwork is cut and assembled by hand, with decisions being made along the way based on a limited colour palette and the way that the shapes overlap each other.

For my custom house portraits and shop and wedding venue illustrations, intricate details and windows are cut individually with a sharp scalpel and plants and trees are represented by semi-abstract shapes.

When working on people and pet portraits, detail in the eyes really brings the portraits to life and a papercut portrait can bring a fresh new look to favourite family photos. Portraits from retro photos make great unique gifts for brothers and sisters, mums and dads, bringing back happy memories. While memorial portraits make great thoughtful gifts for someone who has lost a pet or loved one.

I love a new challenge, building complimentary colour palettes and working in collaboration with customers to create artwork that will be loved for many years.