Hi I’m Nicola – papercut artist and business owner of Imagine Attic. All original artwork is handmade by me in a tiny but bright attic studio in Liverpool, UK.


Following traditional fine art training, I started painting portraits on canvas as gifts for friends and family. Baby portraits and retro portraits in ‘70s colours were very popular and friends started commissioning me to create them as gifts for others. Each painting helped me develop my digital design skills, explore new colour palettes and improve my techniques.

However, the paintings took days to make as each layer needed time to dry and a few coats to achieve a flat colour. So when I needed a last minute gift for a friend, I decided to experiment with layers of coloured paper instead of paint. The feedback was fantastic, so I added papercut portraits to my website, started getting orders and opened my Imagine Attic Etsy shop in 2015.

My product range now includes custom family portraits, pet portraits, wedding, vehicle and house illustrations as well as ready made items including papercut seascapes, colourful cards, prints and jewellery.

Liverpool Artist Nicola McGovern
Liverpool Artist Nicola McGovern