These papercut portrait illustrations are handmade from your photos. They come in a range of different sizes to suit all budgets and wall spaces and make great unique gifts to celebrate a special memory, occasion or birthday. The portraits are digitally designed reflecting the artist’s individual style and technique, then meticulously cut and assembled by hand using layers of coloured high quality paper and acid-free adhesive to create a unique textured three dimensional surface.

House Portraits

Papercut House Portrait

House portrait illustrations make a great gift for the person who has everything or as a thoughtful moving in or new home gift or a gift for yourself. Houses also look great covered in snow or with a garden in full bloom, so take a photo of your house in your favourite season and capture the moment with a papercut house portrait. These portraits come in 3 sizes – A6 small (approx. 15 x 10cm / 6 x 4 inches) , A5 medium (approx. 21 x 15cm / 8 x 6 inches) and A4 large (approx. 30 x 21cm / 11.5 x 8 inches) and are available on Etsy.

Pet Portraits

Papercut Pet Portrait - Dog Portrait, Cat Portrait

Papercut dog portraits and custom cat portraits make great gifts for pet lovers, especially as a lasting memorial gift for someone who has lost their cat or dog. These are available in 3 different sizes and you can select your own background colours to compliment your walls. Grouped pet portraits are also available, for example 2 cats sitting together. If you are unsure about the suitability of a photo, please get in touch.

Family Portraits

Papercut Family Portraits

Custom family portraits are a great way to capture a moment in time and celebrate a special memory. They are also perfect as memorial gifts and can give a fresh new contemporary look to a favourite photo which has deteriorated over time. For group portraits, a large size A4 family portrait works best as more detail can be included. Alternatively, a series of individual medium size A5 portraits look great framed separately and hung on a wall together. Baby portraits are perfect for nursery wall art, a Christening or Baptism gift or a 1st birthday present. And postcard size A6 papercut portraits are great for smaller budgets and displaying on a desk, shelf or bedside table. Don’t worry about backgrounds and cropping the image, this is all done in the digital design stage. What is important in your photo is good natural light on the face and detail in the eyes.

Wedding Portraits

Wedding Portrait Commission

Wedding portrait illustrations are perfect for first anniversary (paper themed) gifts. If you would like a full body portrait with lots of detail in the clothing then an A4 large size wedding portrait is the best option. For close up facial portraits, an A5 medium size wedding portrait works great. Wedding venue papercut illustrations are also available. If you are after something a bit more alternative, how about a Mexican Day of the Dead style papercut portrait? These are made to order and can be personalised with your choice of sugar skull genders, colours, flowers, initials and a date.