There is nothing more rewarding than receiving feedback from delighted customers and my favourite feedback so far was for a mother’s day portrait “Mum was so happy with it. It made us cry but it was a good cry.” Thanks, Sam! If you have feedback to add to this page, please email me or post it to me via Facebook or Twitter. Thanks!

“Fantastic service – delivery was fast and card is very good quality. Perfect, thank you very much!” Jess Holloway (via Etsy reviews)

“Super cute Christmas card, I love it!” Kimberley Gallagher (via Etsy reviews)

“It’s a beautiful pillow cover.” martinez1911 (via Etsy reviews)

“A great little card, speedy postage.” Dean Ellison (via Etsy reviews)

“Lovely card and superfast delivery. Perfect unusual wedding card.” sickybunster (via Etsy reviews)

“quick shipping and the card was protected from any potential damage. gracias!” kevhutch15 (via Etsy reviews)

“Thank you very much. Love the card and can not wait to give it to my Husband.” Rachael Lovette (via Etsy reviews)

“The portrait is amazing! Thank you Nicola, the wait was worth it!” Ricardo Silva (via Etsy reviews)

“Thank you so much Nicola. The picture is amazing & a perfect gift for my husband on our 1st Anniversary. Excellent contact & advice throughout. Highly recommended seller” Francesca Oseland (via Etsy reviews)

“So gorgeous! And so fast! Thank you xx” Lucy Talbot (via Etsy reviews)

“Lovely little card, arrived within 24 hours. Good quality, great service: I will return” oscarwilde1 (via Etsy reviews)

“Loved this item. Just like the photo I sent. Nicola was so friendly and helpful. It came quickly also – highly recommend.” Kathy Woodson (via Etsy reviews)

“Perfect thank you 🙂 Thank you for sending it out so fast!” Lola Nova (via Etsy reviews)

“@ImagineAttic the Mr quite liked it! Might keep it and frame it as it’s too nice to throw away!” Nicola Jones, (via Twitter)

“My Hubby told me this was the best card he got ever” Andrea Orisek (via Facebook)

“Quick shipping and lovely card.” robw3910 (via Etsy reviews)

“Absolutely beautiful card, great quality!” nicolaj, Romford (via Etsy reviews)

“Gave this to my parents today and they are over the moon!” millerdavenport, Sheffield (via Etsy reviews)

“Absolutely fantastic piece of jewellery, beautifully presented and swift delivery.” Steve, Shropshire (via Etsy reviews)

“I love this card. I used one as a thank you to my cousin for Cuban cigars. Really fast delivery, too! Thank you!!” Diane, USA (via Etsy reviews)

“It’s a beautiful gift idea! Nicola is so talented and managed to make a realistic picture of the house based on just 3 photos . It’s a unique present.. It will be framed! Nicola is prompt and engages in conversation to find out about the commission. A real pleasure.” Prem, London, UK (via Etsy reviews)

“I got a picture made for my sister as a present. I was really impressed with the communication I had with Nicola – she was really interested in my preferences and choices. I received the picture in plenty of time and WOW it was amazing. this is the third picture I have had from Imagine Attic and I don’t know how Nicola manages to bring the subjects to life so well!!! My sister and her husband absolutely loved the picture and thought Nicola had captured the spirit of their children perfectly! I couldn’t have asked for a better product or service – thanks Nicola I’m sure I’ll be ordering from you again!!!” marjorierosebouquets, Liverpool, UK (via Etsy reviews)

“I love these unique personalised paper cut portraits, as do my nearest and dearest who received one as a gift last Christmas. They truly bring the original photo to life in 3D. The fact each small cut is lovingly done by hand makes them even more special. Nicola is so talented to capture the true essence of the person or pet without ever having met them usually! I also have one of my dog proudly hanging on my wall – I love it! Thank you Imagine Attic!” Dawnee, New York, USA (via Facebook page)

“Thank you so much for the fabulous painting you did recently of my children and niece. We have hung it in the children’s play area. They love to look at it and remember the fun they had on the day the photograph was taken. Love the vibrant colours too. X” Lorna, Clevedon, UK (via Facebook page)

“I’m so so so pleased with the 2 pictures that Imagine Attic have created for our family would definitely recommend. Make’s such a change to a usual photograph, they really are beautiful xxx” Della, Swindon, UK (via Facebook page)

“Thank you so much, we are delighted with the picture of our children. The detail is amazing it’s such a unique idea, you are very talented. Thank you 5*” Pepi, Swindon, UK (via Facebook page)

“All of us love the finished portrait. The concept is simple, but expertly executed, and the results are beautiful and stunning. It is a unique piece of art, and worth every penny.” Steve, Sussex, UK

“I wanted to surprise my wife with something unique for her birthday and this seemed the perfect solution. She was overjoyed with the results and it has taken pride of place in our home. I appreciated being part of the creative process, Nicola had great ideas and was happy to accommodate my requests until together we settled on the final design. The end results were spectacular and better than I could have hoped for.” Mark, Liverpool, UK

“A wonderful present! Perfectly capturing my daughter, her character and the moment. I love it. Thank you.” Sara, UK

“Our painting is of my sisters and I as children. Seeing it for the first time was a heart-stopping experience. Nicola has captured an era perfectly, as I remember it – the 70’s – a carefree time. The tones and shades are sunny and earthy and there is incredible texture and attention to detail. It is a gift for my mum’s 60th birthday. I know that she, as I was, will be quite moved and emotional. It is going to be an outstanding centrepiece, we are going to have this painting in our family forever.” Jenny, Liverpool, UK

“The painting really captured Lola’s character and is always admired by visitors. I love the colours used, it is so special and will be treasured always.” Caris, Shropshire, UK

“I received the paintings of myself and my closest friends as a birthday present in 2003. I was delighted with them as they individually capture the character of each person so perfectly. When hung together on the wall they are truly impressive and people never fail to comment on how great they are. Each person portrayed in the paintings also thinks they are great – a true testament to how lifelike they are. They have also stood the test of time and, just like a favourite photo, still look as great on the wall today as they did when I was first given them.” Dawnee, New York, USA

“two very proud boys with their pictures, thank you so much for the pictures they are incredible and capture the boys beautifully… amazing.” Matt, Boston, USA

“We absolutely love the portraits that Nicola has done for us. There is one of us from Christmas night several years ago – it brings back wonderful memories every time we look at it. And hanging next to it is a portrait of our son who was born last year. His portrait truly reflects his personality and spirit. Its rare that you see paintings that capture the essence of they individuals they portray…Nicola’s really do. We have our portraits displayed in the main room of our home, and they are always a topic of conversation, as their style is so unique. We love our collection, and look forward to adding to it.” Jen, Boston, USA

“The painting is truly magnificent. A timeless portrait capturing the innocence and sublime beauty of little Dee Dee. It occupies a space on the wall in the living room where viewing can not be avoided by anyone…including the subject who appears enthraled by his own image!” Kirsten, Liverpool, UK

“I am delighted with the painting of Matteo, which I am giving as a Christening gift for my new godson. It is a very special memento and I know that Matty’s proud parents will treasure it forever – so thank you for creating a family heirloom” Nuala, Shropshire, UK